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ViDiNCi Video Background Water Ray




Video Background Water Rays
Pack Of Vidinci Backgrounds – Water Rays For Your Marketing Creations!
Sales Page : Yes
eCover : none
File type : 3 of .MOV video backgrounds
Rights : MRR – Master Resale Rights
File size : 135 MB

You may:
·         Use Vidinci for your own enjoyment and personal growth
·         Sell Vidinci, or any part of the product or resources for $17 or more outside of
the JVZoo marketplace
·         Sell Vidinci as outlined above on, or after May 1st, 2017

·         Sell the rights to Vidinci, so that others may also resell it. If you do this you must
pass this license to the buyer upon sale
·         Sell the “master resale rights” to Vidinci, which means that your buyer may also
sell the rights to the product, as long as THEY pass on this license to their buyer as well

·         Use Vidinci, or any part of the product or resources, as part of any membership site
as long as the branding is retained, and the site costs the buyer at least $27, or $17 per
month. This will be strictly enforced.

·         You may not:
Sell this product in the JV-Zoo marketplace
Give any part of Vidinci, or related resources away
Sell any part of Vidinci, or related resources for less than $17
Brand Vidinci


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